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Hand drawn style for an interactive dial in Storyline 360

Have you noticed these new hand drawn, sketchy visuals which started to appear on Articulate’s website recently? I’m huge fan of them as they are super eye-catching, simplistic but outstanding and working really well as post/topic leading pictures.

These nice illustrations have become a visual inspiration for my entry in ‘Using interactive dials and knobs in e-Learning’ challenge.

Here’s mini-analysis of the image construction:

Having the above in mind I started drawing in Illustrator all the necessary assets for my knob interaction where I’m showing selected new features in Storyline 360.

And here’s the final project. In terms of the build a dial works like a slider, so it’s really simple to add any interactions to it. As an additional element I’ve put a pie shape under my knob to show rotating in progress.

While working in Illustrator I was wondering whether I could do something similar in PowerPoint…so I tried and here’s the effect.

I quite like what I’ve came up with and it took me only around 15 minutes to draw a SuperHero character and a laptop. Then everything was saved as an image (outlines and red fillings separate) and imported back to PowerPoint where I applied some artistic effects to them (pencil sketch to outlines and line drawing for fills). You can download .ppt file from here for a reference (or go to Freebies page for even more free resources).

And here’s a lesson learnt by this challenge:

  • I found an amazing visual inspiration

  • which helped me to built an interesting project

  • where I could present new features of my favourite e-learning tool

  • and create a freebie by the way.

Let me know how do you like it and as always – stay creative.

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