Sentimental soundboard: cassette player and movie quotations

What a sound-tastic e-learning challenge has Articulate announced the previous week. It was all about soundboards, which usually feature funny quotes, one-liners or phrases from pop culture. As I sentimentally remember having cassettes and a classic tape recorder I decided to create an audio interaction around this almost retro-tech devices. (click image to launch the interaction) I searched for a nice cassettes image, worked on it in Photsohop, added some actors’ names using handwritten font (which is Tom Kuhlmann’s writing – you can download it from here) – so you can see 7 ready-to-play cassettes on the desk (7 layers in Storyline accordingly ). A number of things happen/appear when you

Custom speech/thought bubbles in PowerPoint

Create your own cool speech/thought bubbles in PowerPoint for your future e-learning course or presentation. It is: super easy - PowerPoint is really powerful tool quick to design - creating basic custom speech bubble is less than 30 seconds work time saving - you don’t have to browse stock sources for finding the right speech bubble rewarding - it’s your OWN asset just right - looks exactly how you wanted money saving - no comments needed ;) Most useful tools in PPT while creating this 32 speech/thought bubbles FREEBIE set were: union shapes, subtract shapes (you may find intersect option helpful as well), curve and freeform line. Every bubble is unique and you have plenty of possibilities

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