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Here's what other e-learning professionals say about my projects (you can also read other recommendations I got which are public and visible on my LinkedIn profile.


Tom Kuhlmann

Chief Learning Architect at Articulate

Joanna does top-notch work and she truly represents the best of online learning and how to leverage social and community-based learning. She's built a great reputation sharing her work and numerous tips and tricks to help others in the industry learn. I've featured her work on my blog a number of times.


Veronica Budnikas

E-learning Solutions Specialist

Joanna and I are active members of the Articulate E-learning Heroes community. Joanna produces incredibly beautiful work! Her designs are not only gorgeous, but also executed flawlessly. Her amazing creativity makes it seems like every piece of work has been created by a different designer. Any organization would be lucky to have her.


Alexander Salas

Training development Advisor at Dell

Joanna is a highly creative force in elearning development. Her work and contributions to Articulate's Elearning Heroes Community has been inspiring. As a a elearning developer Joanna has displayed full command of Storyline's use and her graphic design skills truly enhance the effectiveness of the learning experiences she creates. She will be an immediate asset to any team she joins and I can only see her getting better.


Ant Pugh

Instructional Designer

I met Joanna in an Articulate community where she submitted some excellent eLearning challenges. Her work presents creative and innovative learning solutions, with attention to detail and great graphic design. Joanna has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to deliver out-of-the-box concepts and has been an inspiration for other eLearning developers.


Linda Lorenzetti

Senior E-learning Developer at Public Services Health & Safety Association

I've participated with Joanna in Articulate's weekly elearning challenges for several years. She consistently produces amazing eye-catching elearning interactions that engage and delight the learner. Several of her entries have been featured on Articulate's elearning examples page, which highlights the best elearning samples in the community. Joanna would be an asset to anyone who is lucky enough to work with her. 


Sam Yates

People Development & Training Specialist at Sponge

Joanna was a joy to work with at Unicorn Training, her development skills with Storyline were second to none and she always found a way to solve problems quickly and creatively. Her passion for designing engaging activities focused on the needs of the learner was infectious, and inspired the teams she worked alongside. Any team would be lucky to have her, and will surely benefit from her dedication and talent.


An award winning e-learning developer.

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