I take creative approach to make e-learning experience: meaningful, practical and fun. 
My aim is to do the top-notch development work and provide unique solutions that meet learning needs.


Out of the box thinking and making ideas work for users is accompanying every learning experience I'm involved in. 

Here are a few points to summarize what I do and what I like: 

After writing, illustrating and publishing my own book, aged just 9 years old, I knew from a young age that I had a creative and artistic flair! E-learning development is the space where I spread my wings and enjoy sharing ideas to build professional learning experience. I've been active in this industry for 13 years now.

Creativity is my strongest skill and together with tools like Storyline, Rise, Vyond (GoAnimate) and Creative Clouds apps which I use on everyday basis, give me the confidence to develop effective, immersive and powerful e-learning content. My confidence was even more boosted when I was announced Learning Developer of The Year (Silver Winner) in 2018.

Here's my knowledge level in software for e-learning content development:





VTS editor

After Effects



Articulate community is my favourite place to go for sharing ideas, discovering Storyline gems, finding inspirations, getting tips, meeting learning designers from all over the world and helping others.

After working hours I like to learn languages. Except Polish, that is my native language, I speak fluent English, good German and a little bit of Swedish. 

I'm also a big fan of Scandinavia so you'll find plenty of Scandinavian crime stories and travel guides around northern Europe on my bookshelf, next to the book I wrote myself: "The adventures of Mickey Mouse".

And last but not least - I'm a keen cyclist!


An award winning e-learning developer.

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