Fruit bars, vegan book and design inspirations

While working on challenge #92 which was about creating navigation instructions in e-learning courses, I've noticed how much visually I absorb from things around me and implement them into my e-learning examples. Inspiration is everywhere! I saw this great poster one day and the next week, when the navigation instructions challenge was announced, I knew it's going to be my design inspiration for the challenge. Have a look at the image below: home button is a small house icon at the top of the hills, which are topics of my course. A tree with big white R is for the resources slide (custom built), a gray tree was my slider thumb, when you move it right, an instruction appears placed on a cloud

Grab the attention of your audience

I always appreciate the impact of full-slide size images and short messages - these two combined together are so powerful and grab the attention of the audience. Challenge 93 (grabbing attention and motivating learners) was a great opportunity to use the approach mentioned above. If you want your presentation/e-learning course be memorable (especially if your content is numbers heavy) it's good to keep the rule "one message at a time". Avoid cluttered slides, overwhelmed with text or/and plenty of hardly visible, poor quality images. Split the numbers into smaller, easy to read and remember chunks. Search for relevant photos, which help the learner to link the information up. The good news i

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