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Grab the attention of your audience

I always appreciate the impact of full-slide size images and short messages - these two combined together are so powerful and grab the attention of the audience.

Challenge 93 (grabbing attention and motivating learners) was a great opportunity to use the approach mentioned above.

If you want your presentation/e-learning course be memorable (especially if your content is numbers heavy) it's good to keep the rule "one message at a time". Avoid cluttered slides, overwhelmed with text or/and plenty of hardly visible, poor quality images. Split the numbers into smaller, easy to read and remember chunks.

Search for relevant photos, which help the learner to link the information up.

The good news is: you can create great, impactful slides with PowerPoint only. Have a look at the example below how good designed slides can raise the learner's interest:

It's not a rocket science to grab user's attention. Play around with:

  • the photo (add a blur, change it to black & white or pencil sketch, modify its brightness, sharpness)

  • the font (try different types, sizes, colors, transparency, text orientation, spacing)

I'm sure after practicing, you'll master designing powerful messages and grab 100% audience attention. If you want more design tips, check out this brilliant post by Canva.

For this weeks challenge I went for presenting some data about food waste all around the world. It's a short 7-slides interaction, with really big photos and some numbers (I hope you'll remember at least one of them).

(click the image to launch the interaction)

As always I'm looking forward to your comments.

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