Content-aware fill – my new best friend

An interactive slider idea popped out of my head and I just had to visualize it. Storyline 2 was an obvious choice in terms of a slider. A starting image was a great free photo via You can download a set of 45 free stock images of desks, tables and computers from here. I wanted to show how Articulate's website changed over the years and the wayback machine (internet archive) was a great source for this. So basically I wanted to take some screenshots and show them changing when moving a mouse - simple interaction and quick to create. First thing I had to do was to extract the mouse from the pad on the photo. It's really easy to do it in Photoshop (which I learn more thanks to pr

2 truths and a lie - can you guess which is which?

Once I read what the Articulate's challenge #91 was about, I knew it's going to be super fun (hey, what a great chance to know other developers better!). And it took me quite quickly to mock-up the idea how I wanted to show 2 truths and 1 lie about myself: 3 article drafts as newspaper cuttings pinned to a board. PowerPoint was the primary design tool before I moved to Storyline. Creating board's frame was easy to do with 4 trapezoids filled with an oak texture (board rectangle was filled with cork image, but there is a cork texture in PowerPoint, which could be used as well). Then I needed to create newspaper scraps with draft articles about my sports activity (and I really did a lot of sp

Awareness game

I was one of over 2,3 million viewers of an awareness test available on YouTube. And unfortunately I didn’t notice the moonwalking bear among the basketball players. This video is very old - 7 years on the internet - I watched it long time ago, but as it was so haunting I decided to use it somehow in one of my e-learning project. Then Articulate announced the 2015 Guru Contest, so it was a perfect opportunity to build awareness related game (the other project I created for the Guru contest was the ‘Escape the room’ game – described in the last blog post). If you haven’t seen the Awareness game yet – try it now, before you continue to read. Otherwise you’ll lose a lot of fun. Firstly I had t

'Escape the room' game - behind the scenes

I was very happy in the middle of May to hear Articulate announced 2015 Guru Contest! I was addicted to 'Escape the room' game type at that time and spent hours playing it on my phone. So it was obvious for me, the project I wanted to create and submit for the contest, was this kind of game. WARNING: if you haven’t played the game yet – try it first before you continue to read, as all the clues will be revealed and you’ll lose much fun. The initial concept was hand drawn on some papers lying around the floor. I had a full view on the idea and could get back to specific interaction and improve/add any details. If you haven’t tried this non-digital approach - you should! It was really fun. Aft

Stylish button set

In case you need any buttons for your e-learning project or a presentation, there’s another great place to find an inspiration or download some cool free stuff. Challenge #89 was about to create/share stylish buttons, to add a nice touch to hover, selected, disabled, visited state (or whatever state your imagination can think of). I found an inspiration for my 8 button set merging design ideas from two websites: Button icons from Flat Icons “Crisp & dramatic” color theme by Canva (click the image to launch the button interaction) All the graphics were created from scratch in PowerPoint and I decided to go for 3 states only: normal, hover and selected. Every state differs in some details, I k

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