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Stylish button set

In case you need any buttons for your e-learning project or a presentation, there’s another great place to find an inspiration or download some cool free stuff. Challenge #89 was about to create/share stylish buttons, to add a nice touch to hover, selected, disabled, visited state (or whatever state your imagination can think of).

I found an inspiration for my 8 button set merging design ideas from two websites:

(click the image to launch the button interaction)

All the graphics were created from scratch in PowerPoint and I decided to go for 3 states only: normal, hover and selected. Every state differs in some details, I kept dark blue and white for normal and hover states, only the selected one has a green element. I had a lot of fun playing around with the button pieces.

Watch video tutorial how to quickly create custom icon button.

Feel free to download fully editable 8 buttons (24 designs) Power Point file from the Freebie section (freebie 10).

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