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Choose your own e-learning adventure

Last week e-learning challenge asked designers to go on their own e-learning journey.

So I was looking for some interesting stories and I encountered this website announcing ‘They Ate WHAT?’ x-ray contest every year. You can read there some really unbelievable real examples of what vets found in animals insides. I was blown out of some of them – like the story when a dog ate his owner’s special diabetic watch which started to beep inside him!

And as I’m having some amazing vet experts around me I decided to create a branched scenario related to animal health sector.

I presented a story of Toby (a 6 month labrador being sick) and his owners (and a vet at later stage) who need to decide what to do next to help Toby get well again.

The approached shown to the learner is based on 3Cs: challenge, choice, consequence – clearly explained by Tom Kuhlmann in his quite old (but still so true) post. Here’s how the structure of the build looks like in Storyline.

Depending on the decision made you can follow the story of the dog aiming to either happy or the bad end. I didn’t want the user to get back straight to the beginning every time they choose an incorrect answer so there are some suggestions what should be the right reaction to stay on track.

(click the image to launch the project)

If you haven’t seen the example yet – have a go and save Toby’s life now.

And as always I’m looking forward to your comments.

P.S. You should have read this after you had seen the project: yes, this is based on real life example and the x-ray is an actual digital imaging of an animal having eaten a kong toy!

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