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Engage learners with scratch-off activity to reveal randomly generated badge

If you’re looking for an extra touch to be added to e-learning module think of any gamified elements like: points, progress bars, timers, badges, leader boards, avatars selection, character naming etc. These components leverage users engagement and learning experience.

Here is my idea of how you can make scoring slides more immersive.

Instead of displaying unified information for success/failure feedback I decided to award the users with a badge related to the topic. But instead of pushing just any badge to them I let the user to scratch-off their own badge as you do with a lottery ticket.

The other interesting is that I created 5 different badges which are generated by Storyline using “random number” trigger so you have 20% chances to see a different badge when you get to the slide.

In terms of development process it looks like this:

  • Place each badge and a coin on a separate layer (add hover status on coin so it seems to be grabbed)

  • Create a number variable “badge” and add a trigger to adjust this variable as an assignment, random number between 1 and 5 when timeline of this slide starts (if you’d like to have more badges - let’s say 7 - then create more layers and change the range of numbers to 1 and 7).

  • I also created 5 variables with a name of each badge like “cat”, “bird” etc and set them all as FALSE by default. Depending which layer is executed by random number these variable change to TRUE when timeline of a relevant layer starts.

  • We need also a variable to control scratching activity so the next step was to create number variable “scratch” set to 0 initially.

  • The scratchable area is a silver rectangle with 5 different states. Every time you move coin over rectangle +1 is added to “scratch” variable and badge image is revealed bit by bit.

When “scratch” variable is equal 5 there are 4 things happening:

  1. Silver rectangle disappears

  2. An audio effect is executed

  3. Text box with information fades in

  4. The next button flies in

  • On the next slide the badge you’ve been randomly given appears. TRUE/FALSE variables of “cat”, “bird” etc help here.

  • Retry button is taking you back to the activity screen so make sure you adjust all the variables to their initial values and change slide settings to “reset to initial state”.

(click the image to launch the project)

If you need even more inspiration of how to deploy badges, awards and achievements in e-learning check this Articulate challenge.

As always I’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

Stay creative.

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