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Superheroes, a kitten and store checkout process

There are some challenges, which once announced I know I need to participate in no matter what! And creating an interaction around store checkout process was this kind of case.

Thinking of an interesting plot was my initial step of creation - I just wanted to add something extra to a shopping process.

First of all I decided this won’t be an ordinary store, it has to be the unique one, like a shop where you can buy a…Superhero! Let’s be honest – there are days we’d appreciate to have a Superhero around to help us with a problem.

As I didn’t want the story to be super dramatic – the issue you needed to solve with a help of a Superhero was…to save a kitten stuck in a highest tree in the woods. Seems easy, huh?

Having a few hero characters selected, the time has come to give them some superpowers like…an ability to sing backwards, but don’t worry, there were also more useful powers to choose from. That was a moment I realised, how crazy, unpredictable and funny I can make this project!

And now the check out process itself – as we enter into quite different, magic dimension, in a Superhero shop you can only pay with a magic currency, which is a star. And you own a magic card showing your current balance.

That was pretty easy part of the game, now it’s a real challenge. Getting familiar with each hero’s power, you need to decide, which one to buy to save the kitten. But please, remember: not each Superhero has the ability to help you, and your star balance will decrease every time you buy. So choose wisely. Good luck!

(click image to launch interaction)

To make the example more enjoyable, I’ve added some background music effects, so I recommend to have the speakers on, otherwise you’ll lose some fun.

I enjoyed working on this project so much!

As always, let me know, what you think and stay creative.

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