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Add dynamic to your learning with random numbers variables

Using random number variable in Storyline can add amazing value to learning content. There’s so much potential and power with these variables enhancing user’s experience. No wonder Articulate challenged designers to show some examples on creating dynamic e-learning with random number variables.

I recently created at Wolf Learning this game based on generating random numbers and the output (final score) depends on your willingness to risk. Besides asking user for choosing their avatar and sharing their name I also presented – Jake – a robot and opponent learner needs to beat answering some questions. Basic rules are as follows:

By card I mean like a card deck (so numeric value would range between 2 and 10). Cards are flipped back so you can’t see their value. I showed only 5 cards but more would work as well.

A tip for making this point of game even more advanced would be to randomise value of each card for every user, every time they visit the game so it’s more unpredictable. But I sticked to fixed card value instead, presenting only 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8.

(click image to launch the project)

Another tip for making this risky game even more engaging would be to add special/super diamond card giving user a bonus for answering question correctly.

So after picking your card, you reveal it’s value and can decide whether to risk and roll the dice to increase question value up to x6 times (if you're lucky enough and roll 6 every time you decide to risk, you could score 150 points in total). If you risk - an animation of rolling dice is played and you find out how many points you can win or give away for Jake.

I must admit I didn’t want to make this quiz questions too easy so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck in beating Jake, have a go now!

As always I’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

Stay creative.

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