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2 truths and a lie - can you guess which is which?

Once I read what the Articulate's challenge #91 was about, I knew it's going to be super fun (hey, what a great chance to know other developers better!).

And it took me quite quickly to mock-up the idea how I wanted to show 2 truths and 1 lie about myself: 3 article drafts as newspaper cuttings pinned to a board.

PowerPoint was the primary design tool before I moved to Storyline. Creating board's frame was easy to do with 4 trapezoids filled with an oak texture (board rectangle was filled with cork image, but there is a cork texture in PowerPoint, which could be used as well).

Then I needed to create newspaper scraps with draft articles about my sports activity (and I really did a lot of sports when I was young: sailing, jiu-jitsu, tennis, running, handball, badminton, cycling, yoga - I had a wide range of choice).

So I created a cover for the "Keep fit" fake magazine and added some columns with "Lorem ipsum" content. The photos were already taken so I made them black and white and did some brightness/contrast corrections. Wrote a couple of sentences about every photo and exported whole cover as a .jpg.

The next step was to draw a freeform shape and fill it with the exported image (if you’d like to use this method, remember about ticking the “tile picture as texture” and set the right X and Y position if you'd like to get only part of the image). I also added a subtle shadow to make little 3D effect.

(click the image to play the interaction)

Then I inserted the graphics into Storyline. I went for a simple one-click interaction - so you get the feedback right-away.

As a final word I'd like to say the combination of cycling and yoga works best for me. You can chill out doing yoga exercises after working hours (not only on the beach, a quiet place at home is good as well) and get this really nice being tired feel after cycling during the weekends.

What's your truth/lie?

Looking forward to your comments.

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