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Short anatomy of a badge

There are around 283 million results for a "badge" according to Google, but I'm going to focus on digital badges which are kind of confirmation of skills, progression, accomplishment or quality that can be earned online. No wonder we often use badges in e-learning courses as visual reward of user's activity.

I've analysed hundreds of badges for creating this PowerPoint freebie and noticed a typical badge consists of 4 elements:

- plate (mostly it's a circle, modified rectangle or mix of different shapes)

- ribbon (placed around or across the plate)

- text (You're awesome!, 250 points, 100% quality or whatever your imagination can think of)

- embellishments (stars, diamonds, thumbs up, laurels or theme related icons - sport, Halloween, finance, outdoor etc.).

Have a look at the example below - it's a simple, classic badge that you can create with PowerPoint shapes only, no designing skills are required.

So here's - 44-pieces PPT freebie (freebie 12) with the assets essential for building your next gamification badge or presentation/web element. Having several components of every element designed, you have plenty opportunities to create unique badge. Experiment with sizes, colors, outlines, fill type, shadows, text effects.

I've created also 6 ready-to-use badges, feel free to modify/use them in your projects.

Watch short tutorial how to create a simple badge with basic shapes in Power Point.

Wish you a lot of fun and creativity.

As always let me know your thoughts.

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