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Are eagle eyes your superpower?

This week David Anderson has challenged us to come up with our own challenge topic idea. I did an eye test online the other day and was sure I’m going to build something similar in Storyline when the right time comes, so this week is a perfect moment to do that. The idea is simple: you’re going to see some sets of colours and need to pick the irregular one.

I wanted to keep my background really basic and allow user just to focus on colours hence the simple pale room outlines (my initial image was this cool design). An easel and the colourful shapes are the main points in this interaction and to make them more prominent I’ve applied an arm animation to paint the first colour set. The arm is super long and goes way out of the scene just to be sure you’re not going to see a cut image in the middle of the animation.

There are 10 sets of colours split into 3 difficulty levels. On the easiest level you can get 1 point per correct answer, on level 2 there are 5 points and on hardest level you’ll be rewarded with 10 points for picking the correct colour (there are 58 points in total you can score in this interaction).

(click image to launch the interaction)

Have a try and let me know how many points you got in comments below.

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