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Funny face eggs in memory game

One of my favourite e-learning challenges was about to design a quiz or any activity using emoji. Isn't it a positive challenge? You already smile when you're reading about it - just imagine all that fun I had creating an entry for this one.

I wanted to design something more challenging and smart. First part of the idea was to place emoji face egg as it was around Easter time. Then the question was - what should these emoji eggs do? Sing? Jump? Read? I like this point of creative working process - brainstorming is so powerful. After chatting with my best friend, the final concept was ready - the eggs should appear for a short time and the task will be to recreate the emoji look.

I wanted to show just a short interaction (only 3 eggs appearing), yet it was quite time consuming as I had to create a set of different pairs of eyes, mouths and colours for each egg. Here's how it all looked like in PowerPoint.

Slides sequence in Storyline was built this way:

1. instruction screen

2. 1 sec short egg face slide

3. interaction screen - decided dragging eyes/mouth and dropping it on egg will be the best way for having fun.

4. step 2 and 3 were repeated two more times alternately

5. result slide

Most difficult job was to sort all 27 variables out. I had to create some statements for every action e.g. had to set if placing the second pair of eyes on the first egg is true or false or if changing the colour of a third egg to white is correct. It was important to hold data across the slides until the last one, to change the look of the recreated eggs and set the tick to correct or false state.

Had to remember also about resetting all the variables to their initial values when revisiting slides.

There was no feedback immediately after submitting a button, I wanted to leave it as a surprise element on the last slide, where you can compare what the initial face looked like and how after reconstruction.

(click image to launch the game)

How good is your memory? Check it out and leave any comment or question you may have.

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