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Interactive polaroid camera and photo gallery

There are many ways of presenting graphics, videos and photos in e-learning. One of them is using image sliders to present any visual content. That was the Articulate's #84 e-learning challenge.

Polaroid cameras bring the old good memories back, so I decided to create an interaction around this type of camera. But I thought just showing all the polaroid-type photos would be not so fun – what if could allow the user to take the photos first and then explore the gallery? I searched for a front picture of the polaroid camera with a red button visible to use as a trigger for making a photo.

There’s a layer capturing the moment of taking the shot: flash light, opening the shutter and the photo itself fly out (simple motion path in Storyline 2) from the camera. I duplicated and cropped the polaroid picture to cover the taken photo’s movement starting point. Shutter’s sound effect was a nice touch to make it all more realistic.

A full size view of the photo is shown after the timeline of the capturing layer finishes. Closing the view brings the photo on the main slide (actually all the images are already on the slide but with their states hidden).

(click image to launch the interaction)

Every time you click the red button a numeric variable changes (+1) and shows the correct layer. I decided to present 6 photos only, so when my variable got set to 7 an instruction about exploring the gallery appeared.

Take some shots by yourselves and enjoy!

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