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It's Atsumazing!

If your professional world is e-learning design you probably know...Atsumi - industry's most iconic character. During DevLearn 2015 Atsumi attracted plenty of visitors to Articulate's booth. No wonder the next e-learning challenge was about to create Atsumi related demo.

When I first read what the challenge was I knew I'll go for one of the most classic games/interaction: spot the difference. Idea was simple, entertaining and easy to create. All I had to do was to modify a picture of Atsumi and add some triggers.

Atsumi is a built-in Storyline photographic character and you can insert images as a full, torso or headshot photo straight into your project.

​​I've done 8 changes in original image (used Photoshop for editing), inserted this to Storyline and covered modified elements with hotspots. Every time you click a found difference, number of changes to spot left changes. Thanks to true/false variable added to every hotspot, this number will decrease only when you click the hotspot for a very first time.

Another trigger I created, changes the number's state from 8 to 0 and when it hits 0, congratulations layer appears. If you get stuck with finding all the differences, click the HINTS button, which will show subtle visible tips.

(click the image to launch interaction)

This was really funny challenge, some designers uploaded 2-3 projects, even Atsumi itself commented our demos and added a link to multimedia collage with her best moments at DevLearn.

Other thing I've noticed were...quite new word formations developers used for expressing their emotions like Atsumi-some, Atsum-astic or Atsum-azing and Jeff Kortenbosch created cool...Atsumojis.

Now you have a chance to spot all the differences. Good luck!

As always let me know what you think and ask any questions.

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