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How dentist appointment became a surprising inspiration

I always had this belief inspiration is everywhere and wrote a post about it a while ago, but what happened to me few weeks ago was like a thunder strike.

I had a dentist appointment the other day and after I landed comfortably on a dentist chair I had to put on these orange protection glasses. At that moment my vision changed completely. I looked at my bright blue Swatch which wasn’t blue anymore. It was purple!

I was putting on and off these glasses and was excited how the colours changed. I was immediately flashed with the idea how to use this experience in e-learning interaction. So here it comes!

Have you ever wondered what’s the output of mixing different colours? Many e-learning developers have graphic design background so they already know at least the basics of RGB, CMYK, hue, saturation, tint, tone, hex colours definitions. But not all of us are experts in colour mixing. Now you have a chance to test yourself in this short interaction.

The goal is really simple – you need to guess what the output colour will be of mixing (2 or 3) existing ones having three answers to choose from.

(click image to launch interaction)

I kept this project short so only 4 colours set will be presented to you, but you need to be aware the difficulty level is increasing with every question.

This website was my primary source of mixing basic colours, but you may find this one also helpful.

Basically this Storyline interaction is really simple so there’s no rocket science in it (4 ‘pick one’ slides with normal, hover and selected object states on each screen), but this post is rather about keeping your creative eye open on every experience you may find useful later in your professional life.

As always I’m looking forward to your comments.

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