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Step away from your computer

Doodling is my not-so-regular hobby: it goes away and comes back with no warning signs. But luckily it was with me again for this super engaging challenge which was about creating a mini website for an e-learning rock band!

In order to continue I need to spill the beans about myself – I used to draw greeting cards hundred years ago like this one. As you can see my style was really simple: just outlines and limited colours. So I decided to use it for this challenge and as I always drew my cards on paper first, I had to…step away from my laptop. You can see on the right what I came up with doodling in the kitchen.

‘The rest is history’ as they say – I took a photo of my doodles (I’d have scanned them if it was >15 years back) and imported files to Illustrator, redraw pictures using mostly black outlines. Hence the name of my rock group – The Outliners.

If you look inside Storyline the build is quite simple – everything is placed on one slide and few layers.

The most time consuming part of this project was setting up the triggers for playing/pausing/stopping audio samples. As you can see for every single pause button I had to add 3 triggers and 12 for each play button. That’s because of multiple actions you can take while listening to music tracks.

But the funniest step was building up…the gallery! Have you seen The Outliners rocking in front of a giant cat? I could put these guys to play anywhere you can imagine – even on Mars!

(click image to launch interaction)

What do you think about this project? As always I’m looking forward to your comments.

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